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Hello, I'm Tammy!

Graduate student in Computer Science @UT Austin. Software Engineer @SLB working on Agora, an edge computing and IIoT platform. Previously @LLNL, @ReDAS and @DAIS.

Research interests: ML/AI data science algorithms signal processing cryptography cloud computing

  • Predictable Chaos

    A data science project that strives to predict time-delayed chaotic dynamical systems with machine learning.

  • Pinyin Practice

    A study tool for Hanyu Pinyin tone marks. The user is given an audio clip of a random Mandarin Chinese character and must select one of five tone marks.

  • TipTap

    A simple typing game with a toggleable word prompt and dark mode.

  • NBA Bust

    Evaluation of binary classification models for predicting NBA player bust risk. Player data was scraped using Beautiful Soup 4.

  • Airline Passenger Satisfaction

    Analysis of eight classification algorithms (e.g., KNN, NB, XGboost, CatBoost) on airline satisfaction ratings based on the 2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

  • Oil, Co.

    An e-commerce website for an oil company demo using the MERN stack.

  • COSC-4398

    An undergraduate independent study project on computing in the cloud with fully homomorphic encryption conducted in Spring 2022.

  • Animal Restaurant ROI Calculator (WIP)

    A filterable/sortable database showing the hourly, daily and weekly ROI of facility currencies for the mobile game Animal Restaurant.

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